Polyester 200 Rectangular Wire

Polyester 200 Rectangular Enamel is of a dual coated construction having a modified polyester base formulated to give good flexibility and adhesion to copper with an amide-imide top coat. This combination of coating produce a wire of high mechanical strength, excellent flexibility, chemical resistance, burnout and heat shock resistance. This product is suitable for use in oil filled transformers, traction motors, electro magnets and other heavy duty electrical machines.

This wire meets the requirements of EN60317-29.

Technical Specifications:

Characteristics Polyester 200 (Rectangular)
Temperature Index >200 oC with over coat
Thermal Class Class H
Chemical Composition
- Base Coat
- Overcoat

Polyamide Imide
International Standard

IEC 60317-29
MW 36 oC

Size Range Grade 1 (1L)
Width Min 5.00mm - Max 16.00mm
Size Range Grade 2 (2L) Thickness Min 1.50mm - Max 4.50mm
Tangents Delta Cross Point


Cut-Through to IEC N/A
Heat Shock to IEC 4 XW 220 oC